Welcome to WRIT 2701: Writing and Digital Media

We will use this WordPress site for your three blog posts throughout the quarter. These posts should be multimodal in nature—combining text with visual, audio, and video content. This content can be your own original content, found and remixed content, or some combination thereof. Blog posts will also serve as invention for your social media project. Be sure to also read and comment on your classmates’ blog posts. For each blog post, you should leave at three comments for a combined minimum of nine comments throughout the quarter. You are of course encouraged to go beyond this minimum requirement and read and comment on every post. More detailed prompts for each of the blog posts are listed below.

Blog Post 1: Choose three to four social media accounts with similar purposes to the one you are creating for your social media project. Conduct a rhetorical analysis of these four social media accounts. What kinds of posts appear on these accounts? What are the major rhetorical features of these posts? How do textual, visual, audio, and video modes interact on these accounts? Based on your analysis, what best practices will you imitate or take up on your own social media account?

Blog Post 2: Now that you have been managing your social media account for three to four weeks, how would you describe your progress so far? Have you gained followers, likes, shares, comments? If yes, how have you made this progress? If not, what do think is keeping you from gaining traction? Essentially, what is going well that you will continue doing and what challenges have you faced? How will you adjust or adapt your social media account based on these challenges? Feel free to refer to your plan for best practices in Post 1 as you reflect on your progress thus far.

Blog Post 3: Reflect on what you’ve learned from one of the guest speakers who’ve visited the course so far this quarter. Based on their presentation and our conversations in class, how might you approach your social media project differently going forward? What lingering questions or concerns do you have following the guest speaker’s presentation?

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