Multimodal Resources

In composing your blog posts, try to incorporate multimodal elements. You can include both found media and new content that you create yourself. For example, you can create a comic strip through the program ComicLife, or an infographic using the program piktochart, both of which can be downloaded free online. If you choose to incorporate memes or gifs into your posts, try generating your own memes or gifs rather than (or in addition to) simply using memes or gifs you find online. You may also want to try and voiceover your graphics or use audio to narrate your post, or you may choose to create short videos using the video editing program of your choice. You may try to create a screen-cap or a Prezi. You may come up with some other multimodal representation that I can’t even think of! Whatever you choose, be sure to use hyperlinks to share your resources and be sure to get creative with your posts.

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