Beyond the Garden: Guest Speaker Notes and Thoughts

Written by: Katy McDonald As we begin thinking about finishing up the quarter, it’s time to reflect on the many guest speakers we’ve had and how they’ve contributed to our knowledge of writing in digital media. For me, Kat Kramer from the Denver BookBar store really intrigued me in how she used social media to […]

Reflecting on the Mischief Collection

I thought it was such a great experience hearing what Tory Pittarelli had to say about her growing business that revolves around social media. Her visions have evolved so much since she first created her Instagram page. Her Instagram was initially intended for posting lifestyle content (if I remember correctly), but then she became interested […]

Tory Pittarelli and The Mischief Collective

Tory Pittarelli is most known for being the founder of The Mischief Collective, a lifestyle brand that creates beautiful, handmade jewelry. In 2014, Pittarelli designed a blog that cultivated everything from her favorite music, to her recognizable jewelry. Her business continues to be built off of passion, and a collection of friends aspirations. What was […]

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