Beyond the Garden: Guest Speaker Notes and Thoughts

Written by: Katy McDonald As we begin thinking about finishing up the quarter, it’s time to reflect on the many guest speakers we’ve had and how they’ve contributed to our knowledge of writing in digital media. For me, Kat Kramer from the Denver BookBar store really intrigued me in how she used social media to […]

Text Remediation: Humor

Remediated by: Estrella, Karl, Cassy, Katy Anthropologist Mary Douglas (1991) examines the very thin line sepa- rating a joke from an insult: a joke expresses something a community is ready to hear; an insult expresses something it doesn’t want to consider. Thus, recognizing a joke involves exchanging judgments about the world and defining oneself either with […]

Succulents & Cacti: What’s The Big Deal?

Five years ago, one would rarely have seen a house filled with succulents or landscapers suggesting to their clients to use xeriscaping, a form of drought resistant gardening, in their front yards. Yet today, succulents have become an international hit amongst millennials due to their low level of maintenance and vibrant colors that make them […]

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