Katy From BookBar Taught Me…

The power in being able to form proper sentences.

Several of our guest speakers were honest about the reality of working with other people: they don’t care in the ways that we want them to (or in worse cases, not at all). For Katy, working with publicists is one of the hardest parts of her job because they are managing multiple authors and are just starting to learn how to navigate their field. I aim to do better than that, as I want to go into publishing and public relations. Editing your writing and having others that you trust do the same is what is going to help you most in the long run. I will take this into consideration when I write the rest of my Instagram captions and ask my friends to read over them to see if they are too long, too short, interesting, etc.


Everyone is going to be hormonal.

Katy talked about how she used to work with hormonal middle schoolers, now it’s just hormonal authors. I resonated with this because I decided to not try to be a teacher right away because I want to see if I can find something I like in the field of publishing and writing. This does not mean that I will always be working with people who know how to communicate effectively or that do not let their emotions get the best of them. Hormones or not, this means that I should work on my own communication skills to be able to manage a bunch of people and accounts that represent a certain brand.

https://giphy.com/embed/D12CsrRNv7gL6via GIPHY

Connecting to your audience is important.

Katy talked about running the BookBar’s Instagram account and how people respond well to posts of their favorite bartenders. People want to see what they are reading and to share tidbits of their lives like birthdays. This gives the page an authenticity that might otherwise be lost in their posts about events and specials at the Bar. This has taught me to not limit myself in terms of posting. It also shows that not businesses are just there to get a buck out of you—customers develop real relationships with people through things like BookBar. I will use this advice for the Collaborative Digital Media Campaign as I think about how to cater to my audience and receive the fictional grant.


Things I wish I had asked Katy:

I can’t remember if she had talked about it, but I would love to have heard about how she started her career and what advice she would give to people looking to pursue the same path. I would love to do something similar so it would be great to hear more about her perspective on this topic.


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