Mischievous Tory Pittarelli

Over the course of the guest speakers in this class I didn’t realize just how many applications and purposes that social media can serve in both personal and professional realms. When Tory came to our class to discuss her use of media in running her own business I had no idea that I would take so much from what she said (having no business of my own or intention to use social media in this way)

One of the biggest things that she touched on in her discussion that really stuck with me was the high value that she places on the ability to be raw and real within social media use. She highlighted a woman with a similar jewelry business to her own that is very open about her struggles with mental health issues.

This really resonated with me, especially coming from Tory as someone who is using social media so heavily for her profession and business rather than just personal use. It was interesting to think about how the personal connection is still so relevant in business, even without a face-to-face connection.

Going forward in my use of social media, both in terms of the project and personally, I feel that I will be more inclined to keep the thought of the value of genuine human experience and perception in the way I post and the image that I choose to express! I might focus on speaking more plainly and truthfully, exactly as I would in a real life conversation. Or posting about issues or topics that are very important to me.


Tory started the Mischief Collective with a broad sweeping inclusion of many of her interests and passions. She was able to incorporate her love for travel, music, jewelry, and friendship into one place.

By starting with this broad inclusion of all of these wonderful aspects of who she was Tory was able to have the freedom to explore what she wanted. Over time she was able to single in on jewelry making as the passion to fuel her business, which she runs entirely using these online platforms. She curated her own business around her interests.

There are many places in life that I would love to apply that technique of beginning broad and focusing inward. I especially think that will be applicable when creating our Collaborative Digital Campaigns. As a group we are starting with a larger concept or issue that we want to tackle. It is only after having a larger grasp of why it’s important and what we hope to accomplish with this idea that we will be able to break it down into the pieces of the proposal, website, and presentation.

Working with others

Despite Tory running her business and social media platforms solo she created the idea of the Mischief Collective with personal connection as a key platform. Even she needs help from other apprentices that she brings in. I think this shows the importance of collaboration. Even in a case where Tory runs most everything self-sufficiently she still needs help too! The only lingering question that I have for Tory is about what the candles she’s planning on adding are going to smell like!

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  1. The personal and authentic feel of The Mischief Collective really stood out to me as well! I like how you included aspects of collaboration in your post with the collaborative project coming up. I have been enjoying your Instagram page, can’t wait to see what else you have in store!


  2. I love that you connected what Tory talked about to our new collaborative project. I agree that Tory’s story and how she started broad and then focused in on what really caught her attention was inspiring because sometimes we are scared to be stuck doing one thing for the rest of our lives but Tory gave me hope that maybe one day I will decide to start knitting and maybe one day make a business out of it. I doubt that will happen but it is nice to know that it could be a possibility.


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