Beyond the Garden: Guest Speaker Notes and Thoughts

Written by: Katy McDonald

As we begin thinking about finishing up the quarter, it’s time to reflect on the many guest speakers we’ve had and how they’ve contributed to our knowledge of writing in digital media. For me, Kat Kramer from the Denver BookBar store really intrigued me in how she used social media to promote events and to publicize new and local authors.

Personally, I was curious about how I could apply her expertise to my own endeavors in planning outreach programs for literacy in the south Denver communities. She gave some amazing advice about performing needs assessments, writing press packets, and asking organizations for help in promoting and providing resources for community events.

BookBar’s Twitter site features content as well as event promotions!

In terms of my plan for my social media account, Kat had some talking points about how she mixes the company’s personal events with literary content that may be of interest to the audience. This was especially present on their Twitter (see above) that featured articles from literary blogs as well as promotion for upcoming events at the BookBar. I really liked this idea because it’s something that I haven’t done yet on my page. While I have been making educational stories that my audience can watch, I find that the engagement with these stories are very low. Stories are hard to market well, but I think they’re important so I will continue to do them but also add on informational content into my regular stream of photos. My pictures get a lot more interaction, so I think this will be a good way to cross-promote like Kat mentioned, but within my very own page. A post that might work well could be a post that tells others to look at my highlights and stories, just to get people to see that I am posting them regularly. I think it would be fun to also feature drawings or text about plants because I am starting to run out of personal content like photos of my succulents to post.

Pro tip from Kat Kramer at BookBar Denver: Have a friend or someone trusted that you know read over your proposals and other writing before you send it off! It can make a world of a difference!

With those ideas in mind, I think that Kat’s advice will also be very useful for our digital media campaigns. She spoke a lot about writing proposals and spreading her event info to publishers and others interested in the event she was planning. She also suggested that press packets/releases are useful tools for promoting one’s events. I think that through this project I will try to focus in creating an effective proposal and press release that captures the purpose of the group’s vision. Kat also gave pointers on how she structures her press releases and press packets, so I will also keep this in mind by including photos and other multimodal aids to help convey our message. A lot of Kat’s work as well as ours in this digital media campaign involves finding a gap in one’s community or environment and creating events/projects that will successfully fill those spaces. Once we have chosen our group’s topic, it will be important to use our knowledge of the audience’s interests to create a campaign that fulfills the needs of our targeted group. Overall, I hope that using Kat’s ideas and expertise will help my group create an amazing digital media campaign!

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  1. Great post. I think you really captured the important ideas that Kat expressed and made it clear how you are going to incorporate those ideas. I also really like hoe you created your own gif. It gives your post a little more depth and helps the readers understand better. Another thing I liked was the pro tip from Kat. Keep up the good work!


  2. Katy- Through this blog post I can tell that you truly learned a lot from Kat. I wrote about her too but it was interesting to see the tips from Kat that stuck with you versus what stuck with me. I really liked your screen-grab gif and I will try to use those on my own blog posts! Your ideas about how to create a successful digital media campaign were insightful and I hope I am in your group judging by your knowledgeable grasp of how to create press releases and press packets! Good job!


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