Reflecting on the Mischief Collection

I thought it was such a great experience hearing what Tory Pittarelli had to say about her growing business that revolves around social media. Her visions have evolved so much since she first created her Instagram page. Her Instagram was initially intended for posting lifestyle content (if I remember correctly), but then she became interested in creating jewelry. I find it inspirational how she didn’t let past ideas keep her from forming something much greater and ultimately creating a business that she loves and thrives on. Nowadays, many businesses reach their audience through social media, and Tory has figured out how to utilize certain platforms to her advantage and build a mischief profilebusiness on her very own. A website is her main method of displaying the products she has to offer, but Instagram is what she engages with the most and gains many of her customers.

Looking at the Instagram profile of The Mischief Collection, it is evident that there is plenty of consistency and overall appeal. The bio is very neat with the use of bullet points, and the heart emoji bullet points provide an extra appeal to how the page looks. In addition, the product website is clearly displayed at the end to funnel followers towards actually buying the products rather than only getting overviews of the jewelry through the well crafted posts. Speaking of the posts, there is a consistent color scheme that makes the page attractive, but the posts themselves aren’t too consistent. This is a good thing because it allows Tory to be herself and gives her brand personality.

After being presented with the Instagram of The Mischief Collection, there are several things that stood out to me for creating a more appealing account myself. Consistency of appearance is certainly an aspect to keep in mind. Although the colors of my posts are hard to keep consistent due to video game covers being all kinds of colors, it is important that the types of images I post remain familiar to my audience. In addition, having an icreative-visual-contentntriguing bio is crucial to grabbing people’s attention, so improving my bio may be a good step to take. Something I have noticed myself, that Tory also focuses on, is displaying personality and enthusiasm throughout posts. Whether it be dedicating an entire post to a more personal subject (rather than displaying jewelry) or using a more personal tone within captions, Tory does a great job of providing a better connection with her audience, and I plan on utilizing this strategy as well so that the game reviews do not become bland.

When it comes to the final collaborative project, the strategy I plan on using from The Mischief Collection is to be concise. Tory’s bio is very concise in the sense that it describes her businesses in a few bullet points. Also, in the posts strictly displaying a new product she efficiently describes that a certain product is being sold or that a sale is going on. On the website, products are shown in a clear and simple fashion which will help when displaying the product or service for the project.
mischief website.PNG

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  1. Karl- I agree with you that Tory’s account lets her remain authentic to herself. I think this is something that we have seen in many other accounts as well and it gives viewers a greater sense of individualism and personality. The colors of her feed are intriguing as well and I have also struggled with keeping my feed all the same or similar in colors. I think that engaging with your followers is a great idea and something I will be trying as well!


  2. I think you have a great summary of Tory’s instagram. I like the point you make about being concise, especially in relation to grant writing. You have identified a lot of great ways you can use Tory’s strategies to improve your own social media project such as improving your bio and overall aesthetic. I think you could have elaborated a bit more on how tory has monetized her instagram and how it is her main means of making sales.


  3. Hey!
    Awesome perspective of Tory’s Instagram page. Consistency is key on any form of social media. Sometimes, I find myself slacking on regualrly posting. Tory is able to capture her followers with unique postings almost everyday. You have kept up consistency as well. Way to go!


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