The Mischief Collective

I feel that at a young age, we are continuously being told to find what we are good at and then at 18 years old we are told to make a decision about the rest of our lives and stick to it . Listening to Tory and her story about making her own box, really made me realize that in this day and age, there has been a push back and people are making their own paths and doing what they want to do rather than sticking to the decisions they made when they were fresh out of high school.

Tory Pittarelli’s visit to our class was very insightful because it gave me reassurance that whatever I decide to do today will not prohibit me from changing my mind later on or finding something that I am good at later in my life. Or in this case, changing my theme of my instagram page slightly.IMG_2382

Tory’s instagram is beautiful and I really appreciate that she told us that although Instagram is not her main focus, that she does put time and effort into using it to help her business.

Visually, The Mischief Collective draws you in and keeps you looking at the Instagram page. But throughout the page there are post that don’t necessarily look the same as others but Tory said that keeping her page super trendy and updated is never really the goal. She gave great advice when saying that posting what you want to post is the best and that being able to send a message out and being authentic with your posts is good. With this in mind this post in particular really caught my eye, especially because Tory herself is not Native American.

For the rest of this project I feel that keeping myself present in the posts will be my main goal. Instagram has become a job at this point but I feel that Tory has opened my eyes and made me realize that yes it can be work but it can help your business (or in this case, my class project.)



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  1. I really liked how to talked about the pressure of knowing exactly what you want to be. We can all relate to that, and I agree with you in that Tory’s story is reassuring and inspiring. Both of you share a very personal and authentic touch to your Instagram pages. Can’t wait to see your future posts 🙂


  2. I really loved the introduction to your blog post! It did a great job of relating and bringing in the reader, especially having heard Tory speak as well I understand the connections your making immediately! I enjoyed the way that you incorporated both images to look at her Instagram page as a whole as well as focusing in on that one post that you found interesting. I really liked the way that you tied the use of Instagram back to our project (because it has come to feel like work for me too)!


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