Tory Pittarelli and The Mischief Collective

Tory Pittarelli is most known for being the founder of The Mischief Collective, a lifestyle brand that creates beautiful, handmade jewelry. In 2014, Pittarelli designed a blog that cultivated everything from her favorite music, to her recognizable jewelry. Her business continues to be built off of passion, and a collection of friends aspirations. What was once a dream, turned in to the everyday job that she loves to do.

After learning about the background of The Mischief Collective, Pittarelli began to discuss the companies presence on social media. Instagram has become a fantastic tool for Pittarelli to use for connecting with her clients, and other silversmiths around the country. With the use of The Mischief Collectives infamous logo as their Instagrams’ profile picture, the brand has made themselves easily recognizable for users who are interested in handmade jewelry. The suitcase logo is not the only familiar aspect of the companies Instagram. The hashtag #showusyourmischeif has become a popular trend among their followers to interact with the company. Similarly, I have found it essential to use hashtags that relate to the health and wellness world. As stated in Blog Post 2, I will continue to use my personal hashtags to build consistency, and maybe even a following off of #EatsByWhit, just like The Mischief Collective.

The Mischief Collective promotes their hashtag on their website in hopes to connect with their community

The Mischief Collective prides themselves in being an authentic company, on and off social media. Instagram tends to be the highlight reel of people’s lives, the good times are always announced and the bad times are often disguised. Pittarelli emphasized the importance of authenticity within her company. She was mainly inspired by other jewelers who are strong advocates for being real with their community.

Some of her Instagram posts stray way from photos of her jewelry. One scroll and find inspirational quotes or intense opinions from The Mischief Collective surrounding controversial subjects. Authenticity from a company is hard to find, and when it is expressed is when it truly makes a difference.

Pitarelli taught me that being real and vulnerable on Instagram is hard to do. You think about what others might have to say about your opinion, and the responses are nerve-racking, but ultimately, not everyone is going to agree with you, and that is okay. Pittarelli inspired me to be more real and authentic on Instagram. In the last few weeks of the quarter, I am going to make a conscious effort to post more “real talk” on my page to see if I can build more personal engagement with my followers.

The last bit of information that stood out to me from Pitarelli’s visit to our class was the importance of keeping your followers involved. Jewelry making is foreign to many, but The Mischief Collective does an excellent job of bringing their followers along the way. Pitarelli mentioned that her community loves to see the behind the scenes work of the jewelry they are posting, so she tries to post timelapse videos of the process. She also mentioned that by filming herself, she holds herself accountable and on track. When thinking about my own account, I am planning on implementing tutorials for my followers to grab a better understanding of some recipes. I can also hold myself accountable to create new content that would be enjoyable for myself and others.

Tory Pitarelli has a passion for authenticity and creativity. She has built a business that maintains a reputation that many do not have. I am inspired by her calm and natural way of going about a startup business. By turning her hobby into a job, she sticks to her roots of passion and brings smiles to her costumers through maintaining an interactive social media account. I hope to one day see her online business turn into a popular store in Denver.

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  1. Hi Whitney!
    I love what you have to say about being real on social media and how what we view can be a distortion of reality. Something I love about your account is how you always share bits of information about your day or just the happenings of your life. I feel like I am able to connect with you through your captions and your posts. I’m looking forward to your recipe tutorials and more of your “real talk”!


  2. I like how you start with a concise summary of the instagram page to give more context to your reader as well as a through conclusion. Additionally, I think you have identified a lot of useful tools for your own social media project, like creating your own hashtag. The only addition I would suggest is a little bit more information on how the instagram account has become monetized and how it is used to make sales.


  3. Your points about adding personality to your posts and forming a hashtag around your brand are certainly some of the best ways to both engage with your followers and gain a greater following. I have come to realize that these are aspects that need to be implemented in my own project.


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