I will be visiting ​​BookBar. Soon.

As week eight approaches and our guest speakers for WRIT 2701 die down, I have started to reflect on what valuable skills and information I have learned from each speaker. All the speakers have been so different from one another, therefore, it was very hard to choose just one to write about. After thinking about which person I admired and learned the most from, I came up with Kat from BookBar.

When I started looking through BookBar’s social media accounts last week, I was immediately excited that we were going to have Kat as a guest in our class. I have loved reading since I could, well, read. I have always wanted to work at a book store or be a part of the communications team for a creative storefront like the BookBar, so getting the inside scoop about this business will hopefully prove to be very helpful in my future goals.

Kat began by talking about what exactly BookBar was and how they run their store. She is in charge of organizing events, running the social media accounts, posting on the BookBar blog, etc… She is pretty hands-on with her business and it was inspiring to see how much she likes her job.

After she talked about how she runs the BookBar social media, I was able to pick up a few tips about how to approach my social media project differntly:

1.Promote other accounts.

Kat mentioned how she gives bloggers books to review. After they write an article she will promote their posts on the BookBar blog. This allows both blogs to receive more followers and traction than they would otherwise.

Cross-promotion on Instagram is something that I can definitely utilize through my Instagram stories. Follow for follow, like for like!

2. Sync my posts.

Whenever Kat posts about BookBar on Facebook, the same picture or paragraph automatically posts to Twitter. This is a great way to be on multiple sites without having to spend tons of time managing them.

I could definitely benefit from syncing my Instagram to my Facebook. I have a lot of friends and family on facebook that I think would like to read my blog posts and Instagram posts.

3.Post personal captions.

Kat talked about how she likes when her captions have a certain voice- engaging, consistent, and personal. She wants her followers to know what to expect and be excited to read and look at her content.

I think that making my captions a little longer and more personal seems like a good way to switch up my content and make it a little more interesting.

Moving on to the collaborative digital campaign, one tip that Kat gave about keeping your voice consistent was something to definitely transfer over to this project.

When multiple people are writing a proposal it is important to make sure to keep the language and ‘voice’ consistent throughout. Kat mentioned that she applies this consistency to her posts- the way they look and the captions.

Here are a few example of consistent Instagram feeds:

You can see how keeping a consistent theme can be more pleasing to the eye. This tip can transfer into many other areas of writing and media: for example, captions and proposal writing.

Canavor, 2012

Overall, Kat’s advice and insight into her own business was really helpful. I will definitely be visiting the BookBar as soon as I can. I am also hoping to start reviewing books from the BookBar- Utilizing some of that cross-promotion action in real life!

Happy reading!

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  1. I can’t wait to see what you review for BookBar! I think that’s a great opportunity for you especially since you’re so into writing. I almost wonder if using a cross-promotion app like Kat mentioned could also be a way for you to post blog posts at the same time as your other social media accounts. That way you could have a consistent stream in that manner as well. Great job with the post overall! Loved the gifs!


  2. I really enjoyed how you organized this blog post and all the photos you used. You have some great ideas in there. I think it would be awesome if you started to review books from BookBar, especially because you mentioned you are passionate about reading and would love to work in an environment like that. I also loved how you ended your blog post, very clever.


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