The Progression as a Video Game Reviewer

Going in to this project, I had no idea what to expect. Before creating the account, I noticed that there are no other Instagram profiles that are trying to tackle the idea of reviewing video games. However, now that I am halfway through my Instagram project I am much more confident in how the profile is turning out. It isn’t ‘top of the line’ as would be expected from a large game reviewer such as IGN, but I am still happy with where the profile is going and the potential it contains.insta page

So far, my Instagram profile is simply doing average. I have just over 40 followers and average about 10 likes on each post. To gain followers initially, I followed a bunch of well known video game profiles myself. As I slowly gained followers, I would follow them back (relevant profiles, not ones asking for sex) which would then lead to more followers. I maxed out at 51 followers and then it sank to a steady 44ish. Other than that, my engagement with others in the community has been crude; I have not commented on other people’s posts and searching for more people to follow has been minimal. As a result, I will have to be more extroverted in commenting and following to gain more interest from others.

The content I have been posting is fairly straightforward–post a picture of a game’s title screen and write a consistently structured review that nearly reaches the character limit. However, although the evidence isn’t very strong considering the small number of posts, posts with a more personal touch seem to receive more attention. For example, the post with all of the games lined up in a row describes my entire video game history and has nothing to do with a review. Also, at the end of the post I included a list of my favorite games over the years. This post received the most likes out of any post yet. In addition, my most recent post was a “throwback-Thursday” post where I both reviewed the game and gave personal reasons as to why I love it. A user was interested enough in my post to comment his thoughts on the game, and this caused a minor interaction that I hope to see more of.

Hashtags are definitely something that insta commentattracts a few followers after each post. Since I recently learned that having at least 11 hashtags is great for gaining followers, I have tried to hit this mark every post. In that sense I am doing well, but as I mentioned earlier commenting on other people’s posts is important for engaging with the community and gaining followers. Stories are something I haven’t gotten in to as well. Moving forward, I will post stories that will hopefully attract others. Their content may include upcoming reviews or personal things like what I am playing on a given day. Right now I feel that I have lied out the basic groundwork for a potentially great Instagram page. I can only improve, and improve I shall.


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  1. Interesting point about how personal posts seem to attract more attention! I haven’t tried posting about my own life on my page, so I think it would be interesting to test that to see if that’s what boosts your page! I think you have something super unique to Instagram, so I think if you continue to be consistent and post reviews, people will begin to notice that there’s a gap in content on Instagram like yours! It gives you a unique advantage! Keep up the good work!!! 🙂


  2. I like that you tackled how tricky it was to get started with no accounts to emulate. I followed a similar way to gain followers (following popular accounts) and fluctuating follower count so it was interesting seeing that happening across profiles and topics! I love being able to read the interaction between you and the other gamer! I like the plan to post stories in the upcoming weeks! I’m interested to see where those go!


  3. I think it’s cool that your Instagram is doing well because you usually hear about video gamers curating content on Youtube. The consistency in your posts is great, but I think you’re right about people liking it when you change it up a bit. I haven’t gotten into stories much either, so I understand the challenge you face with that. I think it’ll be an easy change to make though!!


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