Progress and Growth comes from Instagram

I never thought that I would be writing about my progress regarding my social media use and my page’s development but, here I am doing just that. I think that using my Instagram account these past few weeks has been a lot more challenging than any of us thought it would be. At the beginning of the project I was very excited about what I was going to post and keeping to a schedule. But as time progressed it was harder to find relevant pictures and captions and the daily struggle of getting homework done for all of my classes has gotten in the way of me putting in more effort towards my page.


At the beginning of the project I saw my followers growing quite steadily after I followed a few pages similar to mine including Indigenous Women Rising and Reclaim Your Power. These two pages unlike my own post much more frequently and their pictures are much different than mine. From the beginning I have tried to keep everything on my page similar and hold a similar look. I chose to use personal photos of my family and home and used a preset filter for each one. 

It has been hard to find pictures that I am able to share but people have been liking my posts, especially those outside of our class. I think that the relevancy of my page to others that I have followed has helped in gaining followers and likes but my content has yet to evoke some comments. I think that this is in part of how I am captioning my pictures. At first my captions were very thought out and long but recently they have been short and sweet. I feel moving forward that I will need to write exactly what I want to and not worry about the comment being long because looking at other pages, their captions are long and people seem to respond to what is in them.

I also think that to continue growing my account that I need to use more hashtags. I have developed my own: #indigenouswomenunited. But I think to reach a wider audience I need to adopt a few more that bigger accounts use to maybe catch the eyes of their audience or even use a site that has insight on which hashtags are being used the most.

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 11.03.06 AM

I think overall that my growth on my Instagram account is hindered by me. I have not been putting in enough effort and I think I can really start to engage more people if I work harder to use the skills we read about to gain a following. I think my first steps will be posting more regularly and finding news articles that relate to what I want to talk about and share my own experience as a native woman in college. My next step will be using hashtags that are relevant and finally, I think that I need to engage with other pages to help myself gain a presence in the community that I am trying to reach.




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  1. Hi Andrea! I can definitely relate to many of the points you brought up in this post. I have also found it difficult to post regularly and post content that I do like. I have also created my own hashtag and found that it is helpful to tag other larger accounts/tags as well. I really love how you’ve posted personal photos and have used this platform to share your story.


  2. Andrea- Keep up the good work! Your Instagram is very informative and inspiring and I look forward to your posts. The hashtag resource that you linked in this blog post is a super helpful tool and I will definitely check that out to promote my own ‘gram! I have also found engagement more difficult than I thought it would be- it can feel weird to comment on random people’s posts, but it definitely helps in the long run


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