My Indoor Garden: How’s it Growing?

Written by: Katy McDonald

So far, things are great! My social media account has been growing at a nice and steady pace. I’ve gained about 89 followers organically from just following accounts that have similar content as mine, liking their posts, and definitely from using #hashtags. These strategies have proved to be incredibly useful in growing my account, but I have also noticed that there are a lot of accounts that will unfollow you if you do not follow back immediately. In the early stages, I noticed it was hard to get past 40 followers because a lot of the traffic my page was receiving wasn’t people who were interested in my content, but rather just interested in gaining followers. Now that I have pushed past that point, I am finding that gaining followers is more geared towards my content and how much they enjoy what I post, which is awesome! Going forward I am also going to work harder at engaging with other people’s stories and commenting on their posts, even if it’s just simple emojis!


I’ve even made a plant friend online, @plantsbywyatt, who interacts with almost every post I make and comments on my posts too! I think that making friends online has been one of the more exciting and fun parts of this project. 

credit: pinterest

Something I talked about wanting to make sure I accomplish is creating an aesthetic for my page. I really have enjoyed messing with my stories on Instagram and seeing how I can make my aesthetic my own. I have found that for stories that require multiple pages of content, like my informational stories, I tend to just stick to a default format that Instagram creates because it’s hard to put a lot of effort into 4-6 posts at the same time. Despite this, I still do try to be consistent and use the same filters and text styles to maintain that consistency in the design. I also like to take that format and change something slightly to keep the audience interested in my content. I am also happy with how my photos look and I think that sticking to a consistent editing style is helpful to create a cohesive page. I don’t want all of my content to look the same because I want my page to be more organic and natural, which makes sense for a plant/nature page. 

Other than these minor challenges, I think we all know what I struggle with the most… POSTING ON TIME. I had a tough week the last week and was not motivated to post or create content and I fell a little behind. I knew this was going to be a challenge for me because I’m already not great at posting on my own social media, so I’ve slowly been trying to build up my feed again so that I can finish strong and keep growing my following. I do agree that consistency is key, so I’m going to keep at it so that I can provide better content for my audience.

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  1. I appreciate that you kept with the color scheme from your first blog post! Making your own gif of scrolling through your account is very creative! The incorporation of a meme to tackle your troubles with remembering to post was very funny and relateable. I also appreciated your inclusion of another specific account that you’ve made ties with! Very cool!


  2. I love the pictures on your page because they remind me of warmer days. I think it’s really cool that you made a plant friend already. I also totally feel you about not being able to post on time; I have faced the same challenge, but we’ve made it this far so it’ll be alright!


  3. I do like the consistency of your profile by not drastically changing the themes of your pictures; it definitely increases the overall appeal. Also, the amount of engagement through following accounts, hashtags, and stories is great, and of course necessary, for gaining an audience. Do your best to post consistently!


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