Blog Post 2: @musicspeaksv0lumes Progress

I would describe my progress on @musicspeaksvolumes so far as slow but steady…

Over the last 4 weeks I have seen interaction with my posts, receiving likes and comments on (nearly) every post and have gained 98 followers (give or take a few every time I check).

On my 11 posts I have 438 likes and 23 comments. Each post gets around the same number of likes and most of the new attention is made obvious by the different and new accounts that comment on the posts (drawn by hashtags specific to the post).

The most liked of my posts is the first post in which I introduced myself and the page.

Making this progress: I gained a handful of followers by sharing this page on my personal Instagram story. With each popular artist account that I follow I see an increase in interaction with my page, the same applies to following fan accounts. I would attribute the majority of the likes and comments on my posts to the hashtags curated to each post.

Most of the use of the story feature on my page has been to share the music I’m listening to with my followers, but this last week I utilized the poll feature. I had also previously posed a question on my story asking about their music preferences. I found this is a good way to interact with followers beyond commenting.

Hashtags seem to promote more of a short term interaction with my page (liking rather than following). I would like to continue using hashtags to initially draw people to my page and posts.

What’s going well?

Hashtags!! I have noticed that the interaction based on hashtags is good. I’ve been using different hashtags on each post as well as a few of the same hashtags across posts. I have been using around 10 hashtags on each post.

Following accounts of musicians that I like attracts their fan pages to my page. I received a handful of followers from following @spotify even. I need to continue to follow musicians that I like as well as following and interacting with predominant fan pages for them.

The layout of my page is something that I had not considered until we explored the importance of theme/consistency. I’m proud of the way my page has come together and would like to continue to follow this layout style!

How would I adjust going forward?

Despite my 98 and fluctuating following, the business insights of my page show that I have “made impressions” on 755 accounts. I think my biggest focus going forward would be to increase the following on my account. I would like to find alternative ways to bring in followers who are interested specifically in my page, outside of hashtags. I would like to pursue linking up with other accounts for shout outs. I find this method of self promotion a bit awkward, but I would like to grow past that moving forward.

Based on the positive promotion of interaction that my story polling received I would like to continue to use these to seek engagement directly from my audience. As another form of direct engagement I could pose questions as a part of the captions on my posts!

As well as finding new ways to gain followers I would like to continue my use of hashtags and incorporate more of them (a higher number on each post) to reach a broader audience.

I post daily during the week Tuesday-Friday and then on the weekends I lose that streak. I am thinking that it may be that inconsistency with posting across all points of the week that may lead to losing some of those fluctuating followers. If I better distribute my posting throughout the week or commit to posting to my story the days I don’t make a post on the page I may increase my chances of keeping the people who have already followed. From there as long as they stay following the page it promotes their interaction.

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  1. I like how you used gifs and broke up the text in ways that made it fast and easy to read. I love your page and how you try to engage your followers by asking questions and doing polls. It is also fun to hear the music on your stories.


  2. Love the sheeb gif! I have really enjoyed watching your page grow and because we are both really invested in music, I love popping onto your page or looking at your stories to see who/what you have posted about. Keep up the consistent posting and interesting content!!


  3. I am glad you are understanding your strengths and weaknesses. You have found that using hashtags and following relevant accounts can lead to more followers, and utilizing the stories is certainly a creative way of engaging with your followers and them engaging with you (especially with polls). However, at least post one thing in the time that you don’t currently post to keep your audience interested.


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