A Work In Progress

Then and Now: How My Progress Has Changed

After managing my social media account for about four weeks, I would say that I gained momentum in terms of follows and likes at the beginning, but my progress has recently hit a plateau. My account gained traction at the beginning because I was pretty active in trying to comment on people’s posts filed under similar hashtags to mine. I also was posting throughout the week, and not just all at once every week. Overall, I think what is keeping me back right now is a combination of inactivity on my account. In addition to my lack of commenting on people’s posts to gain more exposure, I have yet to post stories to my page, which would add another layer of multimodality to my project. I have so far only done image posts with text, and only a couple of videos, but have plans to add video stories in the coming weeks.


What is Going Well

I will continue to make my own graphics because it makes my page original and I don’t have to deal with copyright issues. I also think that it gives me more control over how my page looks because I am able to maintain a consistent aesthetic. I use Piktochart to develop each image because it is an easy, free tool that has the potential to create just about any image. Right now, I have a consistent schedule of posts that are going to have a rainbow effect on my page at the end of the quarter. Each week is also a set of three posts that have common themes relating to a specific crystal. For example, week 4’s posts were yellow and surrounded the themes associated with citrine– courage, comfort, and creativity. I posted a mindfulness technique that encourages being comfortable with yourself enough to enjoy your own ideas and an affirmation that focused on the significance of embracing your strength.


Challenges and Solutions 

One challenge that I have faced is posting my three weekly posts all at once instead of throughout the week. This tends to happen because I make all of my weekly posts at the same time and post them immediately after, so there is not a very long break between each one. I have been trying to change this by working on my graphics over the weekend so that they are ready to post throughout the week. Despite hurting my exposure, this challenge has not posed any other issues.

Join the Conversation


  1. I love the creativity of your profile. The fact that it is all personal content, rather than being sourced from other profiles, is unique and really does allow you to express what you prefer and how you feel. Of course, as you mentioned, be consistent with your posts to keep your audience’s attention better. In addition, creating stories is another layer of Instagram that will provide great engagement from other and hopefully result in more followers.


  2. OMG your page is just soooo pretty! I can really tell that you spend a lot of time crafting your posts and that effort has had amazing outcomes!! I agree in the sense that I think your page would be lifted to a new level if you added stories. I would be super interested to see what you would post. I also struggle with consistency, so I understand the feeling, but don’t worry. I think that making your content beautiful and creative is way more important that consistency (in my opinion, LOL). Keep up the amazing work!!


  3. I absolutely love the aesthetic of your page! It reflects the effort that you go through making your own graphics and sticking with the themes each week. I especially love the most recent week themed around the yellow stone! I appreciate your honesty in the things that you feel you could add your page and increase the experience. I am excited to see what is going to come next for your page!


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