The Progression of A Wellness Project

@AWellnessProjecth started out as a vision. It was messy, incomplete, aspects were unknown, and I wasn’t sure if my vision could come to life. One day, I sat down and made a timeline, an exact plan for what I envisioned from when I would post, to what those posts would look like. Now, as I am halfway through this project, I look back at my original vision and can’t help but notice that my content and page isn’t anything like I had hoped. But that is okay because it is so many other things. Throughout these four weeks, I have learned so much more than I thought I would have. I have learned from my personal experiences and through multiple blogs and articles I have read. By applying my new knowledge to my own account, I have gained 40 followers, a good number of likes on each post, and a few comments as well.

My account: @awellnessproject

Gaining followers is a hard task to do. It requires a number of different strategies and requires you to be outgoing by following many different accounts. Gaining followers was, and still is hard for me for a number of reasons. With my personal Instagram account, I don’t follow many people first, and I also don’t follow many people back. I had to get over that weird mindset when it came to this account. I had to follow people first and if other people followed me first, I knew I had to follow them back. Following someone back that has somewhat of a similar account to yours shows that you support them and their cause, and I have found that most of the time they support you back. They will like your pictures and even comment sometimes. Almost every day I gain at least one new follower and have found myself eager to follow them back and see what content they have to post. The photo above shows amount of photos, followers, and following too. Since this picture, I have gained even more followers and hope that the number only continues to rise.

As I start to gain more followers, I have started to gain more likes on my photos as well. I have also been getting more views on my stories too. These likes have come from followers, but also accounts that I have tagged in either my comment or my photo. In order to get likes and get traction towards your photo, it has to be relevant and provide a good message or idea to your followers. In many of my posts, I have tried to provide some inspiration, tips, reminders, and have also tried to incorporate my own life into my posts too. By incorporating my own photos and my own day to day activities, I think it gives my followers a sense of my personality and allows for them to connect with my content on a deeper level. Then, if they feel a certain personal connection with me, maybe they will be more inclined to like my photo or even comment too!

The amount of likes on one of my photo

Another thing I make sure to do consistently is to use relevant hashtags. The ones I stick to on every post no matter what it is include both #awellnessproject and #abetteryoueveryday.  These hashtags give my account an identity of its own. When people see these hashtags, hopefully they will know it is me and know what my goals are. I think these hashtags have brought traction and likes to my posts, along with other ones relevant to each specific post.

Comments are also such an important factor when it comes to posts because it involves a level of interaction with the account owner and posts. When liking a picture, it somewhat forces you to interact with it, but not nearly as much as comments. I use products in my everyday life such as Tula products and Lean Shake from GNC. Since I use these products every

Comments on a photo.

day and they have to do with my health and wellness, it only makes sense to share them on my health and wellness page. By doing so, I am able to tag those companies, and some have even commented back or liked my picture! These tags are important because it will create a little bit of traffic on your page if others see that you tagged a certain company, or if that company liked or commented. It is also a great way to network and get your account out there in front of a wider audience.

Running a social media account for something other than your personal life is hard work. It take time, effort, and commitment. I have done many things that have worked and have been beneficial, but there are also things I want to work on. As I look through my original proposal, I had an idea for every post including when I would post it, what it would be, what I would say, and who it would be directed towards. For example, I was hoping to have more pictures and videos of me working out, but that hasn’t happened much. There has only been one video of me doing an ab workout and I have had a few stories based off my workouts. If I could start to include more workout posts in my actual feed, I think that would make my account even stronger and it would allow for my followers to be able to interact with me more and see what I do every day as well. Another thing I want to work on is my consistency. We have read articles about how important consistency is and how that also helps gain and keep followers, so that is one thing I need to keep in mind over these next few weeks.

Overall, I think my biggest challenge has been finding relevant content enough to have that consistent presence. I need to remember to take pictures, videos, and even post more personal stories as I do everyday activities. If I work hard at achieving my goals, I think my Instagram will only progress from here, and who knows, maybe I will continue to post on this page after this quarter is over. I just need to…

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  1. Love it! I like how you included tips on how to spread your content derived from the readings. I can really see the effort you put into your account and it shows! It seems like its doing really well and like you really enjoy doing it. It’s much more enjoyable to look at content where you can see the creator is passionate about what they’re posting. Can’t wait to see more!


  2. I enjoyed how you reflected on your progress by referring to your Timeline and Proposal. My account is nothing like I thought it would be, but I think that is what makes your account real and authentic. I like the variety of your posts, especially all the motivational quotes. Keep up the engaging content, you are doing great.


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