Development of @dailydudevotionals

My social media account, @dailydudevotionals

I have enough trouble managing one account on Instagram already ‘how I should’. I don’t have a consistent feed or aesthetic, I don’t really post stuff on my stories. However, with these new goals of regular posting, a good aesthetic, using Instagrams features, and using tactics such as hashtags and engaging with similar accounts to get followers and likes, I have made progress with my account for this course. I don’t have as many followers and likes on my @dailydudevotionals account as my regular account, but I have seen how much these small differences in the content I post can drastically improve my account and the interactions with my account. I haven’t been as consistent with my posting as I would like to be, however, I am proud of myself for getting 2-3 posts out there a week. It can be difficult to write devotionals! Especially when I have a lot going on in my life, or I’m not in the best place. I think I have been doing a pretty good job with the pictures and stories I post all having the black and white theme.

These are common hashtags I use on my posts that get other similar accounts to engage with my account.

I have a pretty good amount of followers, I’d say the ‘ratio’ is good. Most of my followers are students from DU, the students in this class, and a few similar pages. I have noticed a lot of likes from similar accounts! Particularly when I use relevant hashtags (#dailydevotionals, #dailydevo, #kingdomminded). Sometimes, I will use related hashtags (#love, #positivity, #kindness) and get likes on my posts from accounts who I don’t follow or don’t follow me, but who wants to send the same message to their audience through their content.

One of the accounts I engaged with sent me a DM.
One of my followers sent me a DM and let me know they appreciated my content.

I think I have maybe gotten a couple comments, but I usually don’t get a lot of comments or shares. However, one thing I have received is a lot of DM’s from either my followers or people who have come across my page telling me they are proud of me or they really enjoy the content I am posting. I think something I can do to get more engagement with my page is to interact even more with similar pages, such as liking and commenting on their content.

One of my favorite pictures and verses from my account. The white background with black handwritten text is consistent throughout my content.

One of my main goals from the beginning of this page was to put out content not only relatable to people of faith, but to everyone. I think I have done this well. My pictures are Bible verses, but the captions are always more generalized advice that vaguely follows the moral guidelines of Christianity. I wanted to convey the messages of kindness, love, patience, courageousness, anxiety, forgiveness, and individuality through my captions; all while being potentially helpful advice to college kids who might be struggling with similar issues as I am. I want my captions to be personal; like I am having a conversation with whoever is reading it.

Taken from one of my ‘daily sumthins’ Instagram stories; all having a black and white filter over them with a couple of GIFS for excitement and color.

I was really worried about making devotionals and having Christianity as the foundation of my page. I know that in the time we live in Christianity comes with a lot of negative connotations. Many openly Christian people, especially college students, are harshly judged and stereotyped or are even laughed at. I felt that this account could help me diminish some of those thoughts people have. Sometimes I am really scared to share my beliefs or stand up for myself, so I appreciate having a place to express myself and to help others through my experiences and the things I have learned through the Word.


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  1. I really enjoyed reading about your progress so far! It was interesting to see the comparisons between your personal account and your devotional page. I also really liked all the photos you used, as they were very helpful to understand exactly what you were talking about. It is always good to use examples. I know it is hard to be vulnerable on social media, but I also think your words are so helpful and inspiring. I love seeing them, so keep it up and know that people really do appreciate and love what you have to say.

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  2. Seems like you have made excellent progress. I love the black and white theme, the consistency helps with gaining familiarity around your page. Ali makes a fantastic point about being vulnerable and open on social media, you set a great example. Overall, great job!


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