The Progession ​of @Wellnessbywhit

@Wellnessbywhit is one of my favorite hobbies. When I first began posting my content, I was nervous and hesitant. I did not think that people would enjoy the content I was posting, or even be interested in what I had to say.

I gained about 35 followers in the first few hours after cross-promotine!

To my surprise, I gained a large number of followers in a matter of a week. I cross-promoted my account with my personal Instagram account. I created a story that was a screenshot of my account tagging my handle, @wellnessbywhit. I gained a lot of support from my friends and family which was reassuring and exciting. I also gained some followers from my shoutout that my friends had given me. The cross-promotion allowed me to reach a broader audience.

The different tips and tricks I have learned from the various readings throughout our course have also enabled me to gain a bigger following. Julia McCoy urges Instagram users to add hashtags to their content to target a broader audience. I took her advice and added 11 or more hashtags to each of my posts. Her advice really worked. Some of my posts were blowing up with likes from random accounts, and I even gained a handful of followers.

In my first blog post, I mentioned that I would be using the hashtag #EatsByWhit on my food posts. Unfortunately, I did not stick to my original plan. Now that I know how essential hashtags can be, I will make a point to use my personal hashtag on my posts.

Many of the health and wellness influencers that I follow on Instagram gained my follow with the help of their aesthetic they seemed to maintain with each post. I figured that I needed to build my own feed with a certain aesthetic. With the help of a photo editing app, Snapseed, I developed a set of edits that I use on each of my posts. The colors are vibrant, and the clarity is pretty significant.Each post is edited to look similar and create a familiar theme throughout my feed. I have received feedback from my followers through comments and direct messages saying they enjoy the aesthetic of my account.

To keep my following, and gain more attention, I plan on sticking to a lot of my habits. I will keep the edits of my photos consistent, and implement my personal hashtags. Furthermore, I plan on interacting with my followers daily. I found that maintaining a presence within the wellness community on Instagram is very beneficial. Commenting, liking, and even direct messaging allows me to get to know my followers on a more personal level. Even though it may feel intimidating, I know that getting involved is important for the spreadability of my content.

Lastly, I plan on posting more stories. Posting stories will allow me to have more of a presence on Instagram. I will post more step-by-step recipes for some of my meals. By saving my stories to my profile, my followers will be able to refer back to whatever recipe they may be interested in making and have an easy guide.

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McCoy, J. (2016). 10 Ways to Grow an Organic Instagram Presence. Social Media Examiner.

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  1. Your account is so awesome! It’s honestly impressive how many posts you have and how consistent you are with putting them out. I also like the versatility of your content. Your healthy recipes look so good! I can tell you really enjoy having this account and its really cool to see. I’m excited to see what else you’re going to do with the page!


  2. I have loved your account so far and it is cool to see the progress you have made. One thing that I think is awesome is the fact that you used cross-promotion. I would love to do that as well, but haven’t done so yet. It is such a great way to gain followers, as you’ve seen. I think your plans going forward are solid and will help even more. Keep up the good work!


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