My “Progress”

These past 3-4 weeks have been such an interesting experience for me. Being a Communication Studies Major and a Writing Minor, I have pictured myself doing social media work as my future career path. I have always wanted to understand and learn what being an ‘influencer’ on a social media site would be like. This project has given me a lot of insight into the social media world (how it works, what to post, what NOT to post, etc…), which I’ve always wanted/needed in order to truly grasp what kind of lifestyle ‘instagrammers’ and bloggers live.


My progress has been pretty slow and steady these past few weeks. I have been using ‘Insights’ as a way to monitor my progress throughout the week. I took screenshots of these insights as you can see below. They are helpful because they show how many times each post has been seen. This can help to understand which hashtags and which pictures people like the most or are the most excited to see. A downfall of Insights is because I only have 29 followers, the app is not able to tell me much about the ‘trends’ of my followers. My goal by the end of this project is to get at least 100 followers so that I can attain this information. (This goal might be a little bit of a reach but only time will tell.)

I also use Insights on my blog. These statistics show me how people find my blog site and how many people view each post. This helps me to understand how much Instagram is attributing to the traffic and publicity my blog is receiving.

How To Gain Followers:

I haven’t gained very many followers in the past 5 days which I attribute to the fact that I went out of town and did not keep up with posting stories and pictures. I am hoping to gain more followers in the coming weeks by posting daily and adding more hashtags to my stories. I also realize that I need to start following more people and interacting with their pictures. Oftentimes I find myself feeling awkward when commenting on other people’s posts, but I need to remember that this is a large part of the algorithm and a large factor in how successfully my Instagram will grow. Unfortunately, I cannot gain followers just by existing… 

Finding My People:

I have yet to come across many Instagram profiles that are similar to mine. Most of the bloggers that I follow are either stay-at-home mom’s who post about tips and tricks of motherhood, or they are beauty and fashion bloggers with tons of selfies and advertisements. I think as soon as I find my crowd I will be more excited to interact with other profiles on Instagram. Applying what Debbie Mitchell wrote on her ‘Twitter Tips’ bullet journal page, I do think that I need to ‘Find My People’. This support will not only make the app more enjoyable but it will hopefully allow me to find real-life connections which will lead to a more meaningful experience. 


During the first two weeks of this assignment, I was pretty consistent with posting stories and adding them to my highlights. As the weeks have gone on, I have noticed myself slacking especially with the creation of new highlights. I think people would ultimately be more interested if I were to post more stories and add them to my highlights. I am planning to add a ‘Steamboat’ highlight and add a bunch of pictures from my trip this past weekend. I know personally when I look at a new profile, I always tap through the highlights, so adding new ones will hopefully increase followers.

Quick Steps To Increasing My Followers:

What I’ve Learned:

All in all, I have learned that… I have a lot of learning to do. Instagram is a difficult platform to get noticed on. Your posts must be consistent, your content must be exciting, and your followers must be dedicated. I now know that a posting schedule is the key to success if you want to gain a following and I have learned that engagement with other users is so important. Cheers to the coming weeks and hopefully some more success in the Instagram world!

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  1. Olivia – I really enjoy following your account. I think you have created a really nice balance between reality and social media. I love how you make little recommendations and suggest in your captions to check out your more detailed blogs. I also have found it difficult to find a “community” within the platform. I have been continually following back almost every account that has followed me and once (if my account does ever get big), I will probably have to limit who I do follow and what content I engage with. Otherwise, I love seeing your posts pop up regularly on my feed and seeing what you’re up to. Keep up the good work!


  2. I think you are doing really well with posting a lot and at a decently regular schedule. I think that your photos are very nice to look at and overall the effort you seem to put into this project is showing. I found that finding a community that you fit into is the best way to gain followers but your page is much different than mine. I think that as time passes by you could see a growth in your followers if you engage some more. I really appreciate the way you have put yourself out there on the internet in ways that most of the class aren’t doing. So congrats on that!!!!


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