Synthesizing and Visualizing

We have done a lot (A LOT) of reading about Instagram these past few weeks and some reading about social media and visuals in general. Take some time in your groups to try and synthesize important information from all these readings. Focus on what you’ve learned about Instagram and its relationship to social media in general. Each group should design a way to represent this synthesized information visually using the program listed below. Post your visual to our WordPress site with a brief description. Be prepared to talk us through the choices you made in synthesizing readings and representing information visually. 

Group 1: Whitney, Andrea, Olivia, Karl: ComicLife

Group 2: Allison, Surina, Riley: PiktoChart

Group 3: Natalie, Cassy, Katy, Estrella: Prezi 

Readings to consider: 

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I am a Teaching Assistant Professor in the University Writing Program at University of Denver. I teach required first-year writing courses including WRIT 1122: Rhetoric and Academic Writing and WRIT 1133: Writing and Research. My writing courses take a variety of themes including Writing About Writing, Writing About Food, Writing About Fan Cultures, and Writing and Digital Media. My research focuses on two distinct topics: 1) first-generation college students' literacy experiences in college 2) multimodal composition, blogging, and social media.

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