Transparent Testimony

There are countless Instagram accounts dedicated to posting pictures of Bible verses daily, however an account that includes a verse, a testimony, aspects of real life, and is specifically for troubles college kids experience is a difficult fish to find in the sea of profiles on Instagram. However the four accounts I chose all have aspects of things I want to be reflected in the account I want to create and I believe would most successfully obtain an engaged, interested audience. These include; @daily_bibleverses, @daily_bible_devotional, @legitsadierob, and @knowing_god_for_teens.

The account, @daily_bibleverses, is about as simple as it gets, all they do is post a picture of a Bible verse every day. But, this is a small part of what I would like to do on my account as well. The aesthetic of their page inspires me with what I want mine to look like. I think having the first thing people can view our picture is big words of exactly what they might want to know can be really helpful with these kinds of accounts. This account also helped me see ways to give credit to other accounts if I want to use one of their pictures.


@daily_bible_devotional’s account is a little more interesting. It’s a man, I’m not sure of his name, who posts pictures of Bible verses with mini-sermons of them, advice for those trying to lead a Godly path, and lots of videos of himself sharing the word. The videos he posts really show authenticity and bring a personal level to the account, which is something I really want my account to have as well. He also uses Instagram’s ‘story’ feature, which is something I am excited to try on my account. It is a good way for someone to see a little bit of what your account entails quickly without having to scroll all the way down your page.

@legitsadierob, also known as Sadie Robertson, is a young author, owner of a clothing line, speaker, has a podcast, and the list goes on and on. I am really inspired by her ministry because she is very authentic and proud of who she is and what she stands for, and I think she’s a great role model for young girls. Her Instagram account isn’t technically a ‘devotional’ or ‘Bible verse” account, but her account includes many Bible verses, testimonies, advice for women of faith, and clips of her seminars. I want to convey the same message of authenticity and self-love and purpose in life to my audience that she does, because I think those are important values to hold, especially as college students when there are so many things we struggle with.


@knowing_god_for_teens includes the same pictures of verses along will small devotionals in the captions. Like this account, I want mine to be targeted toward college students and teens. I think we already have a lot to deal with so words of encouragement based on problems specific to us can be really uplifting.


I have learned many different things I can do with my account in order to make my audience grow and my message to spread, such as hashtags, so I was thinking something short and catchy that makes the purpose of my account clear; like #dailydudevo. Through my analysis of these accounts I found different aspects of each I hope to include in mine, such as the coordinating pictures of the verses, personal testimonies and advice pertaining to the verse in a way that is targeted for college students, using the features of the Instagram ‘stories’ to actively interact with my audience in a personal way, and to make sure my content is authentic, transparent, and relatable.

A picture captured at the GVCM (Global Vision Citedelle Ministries) by Mia McLaughlin, whose blog about her experience in Haiti and journey through her faith I will be linking in my Instagram account. @mia.mclaughlin

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  1. Natalie, I think this idea is really great. I like how you are adding inspiration but also sharing things that may be difficult to talk about in a public sphere. It will be interesting to see how you incorporate your own experiences into your account. Good luck!!

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  2. Natalie, I am looking forward to seeing what you can do with this platform. I am glad you’re choosinng instagram becasue I feel like your messages will be able to reach a lot of people. I do not follow a lot of these accounts on my own, so I can’t wait to check out your content! Good luck 🙂

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