My Daily Happenings

Speaking as a ‘normal’ college student, I do not see many accounts that recount the oddities and daily happenings of living life at a university. With my Instagram account, I am hoping to gain more traffic toward my blog, where I can be a voice for other college students. I want to write about a variety of things including book reviews, Netflix recommendations, daily thoughts, mental health, doodles, and pictures. I have a lot of hobbies that I am pretty average at, so hopefully I can combine these things into a successful blog/instagram. 

Three accounts that I will be analyzing and modeling my instagram after are @emmawlker, @somekindofalibrary, and @basicallyreese. None of these accounts completely satisfy what I want to accomplish with my Instagram, but I am attempting to have a healthy mix of them all. 

All three authors range in age from 20 to mid-thirties, which is the demographic that I am attempting to reach.

Renee, the creator of @somekindofalibrary, is a book lover who posts reviews and recommendations about the novels she is reading. Her audience is geared specifically for book-lovers but ranges throughout all ages. She uses hashtags on her instagram to attract a larger audience of book readers. I am hoping to mimic her use of hashtags, as it seems to work when attempting to gain a larger audience.

This is a post from Renee. As you can see on the right hand side, she utilizes many hashtags in order to reach her desired audience.

Emma, the owner of @emmawlker, uses her Instagram as a space to advertise her blog. She talks about fashion, makeup, mental health, and her daily life. I see her utilizing Instagram stories to engage with her audience and hopefully, I can do the same ( a picture of these stories are below).

Reese, the creator of @basicallyreese, is a sophomore in college who uses her Instagram to promote her blog and her youtube channel, which both discuss things like organization, healthy eating habits, and artistic outlets (journaling, painting, etc…). Her audience is geared toward college students, so I find her Instagram inspiring. I have added two pictures of Reese’s Instagram account as well. I think her use of bright colors and high-quality images throughout her feed help attract the reader’s interest. 

All three of these accounts typically use pictures, hashtags, and instagram stories. Due to media being very multimodal these days, I think it’s important to translate this into my own Instagram in order to maximize the followers I can receive. Smart phones have drastically impaired our ability to focus on one thing at a time, therefore I believe my instagram should reflect this by using videos, pictures, hashtags, and links so that I can keep my audience inntrigued. I am a fairly shy person, so I am not sure I will be talking directly to the camera during my instagram stories, but I am hoping to break out of my shell a little more during this project. 

I also find it important to reference Ede’s article related to this project. In Lisa Ede’s guidebook called The Academic Writer, she describes how to assess your rhetorical situation and write in the appropriate context. Given that Instagram is generally known for short captions and interesting pictures, I must implement this style into my own account and assess what I should put on my instagram and what I should leave for my blog post. 

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