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When I began this search, I looked back to the original content that made me want to do something similar in nature. Pick Up The Fork (@pickupthefork on Instagram), the food blog turned food guide, is a similar concept to what I would like to create. For a more Denver-centric account, I chose @milehighandhungry, a food blog dedicated to all things tasty in Colorado. For my last account, I chose @bonappetitmag, my personal bible of cooking and food related magazines.

Bon Appetit on Instagram

All of these accounts serve wildly different purposes, from cooking how-tos, to specific restaurant recommendations and critiques, to photos of aesthetically appealing meals. However, all these accounts have one focal point, food. Rarely are photos or videos posted of individuals (not including chefs). These posts range from iPhone shots to professionally photographed food images, yet they attract similar fan followings.

These accounts gain traction by posting about good food. Pick Up The Fork, focuses on Buenos Aires specifically, highlighting certain barrios -neighborhoods, going from restaurant to restaurant highlighting “The Great, The Good, The Decent, and The Ugly” as they are fondly called. Pick Up The Fork caters specifically to people within the specific geographic region in Argentina. But, the account is not just limited to locals, as posts are frequently in English as well. Part of why I love this account, is that the owner @allielazz, is not afraid to interject her own opinions and sentiments about restaurants. She leaves no opinion unheard and continually interjects her personal experiences and ideas into her posts. She has created an identity behind the Pick Up The Fork account.

Excerpt from “About” section of

Conversely, Bon Appétit, one of the largest food and beverage magazines in the world, uses different methods to attract followers. It highlights restaurants and food recipes from around the world, carefully curated by the Bon Appétit staff. This account is a stark contrast from Pick Up the Fork.

All three of these accounts exist on platforms other than Instagram. Yet, all three also use photos, videos, and Instagram Stories to highlight new posts. Videos are used to emphasize details in the food or in restaurants or even to heighten the experience of dining. All of these are catered to “foodies”, self-proclaimed food connoisseurs or the average college student (like me) who just wants some old fashioned inspiration.

After viewing and heavily examining these accounts, there are a few things I have taken away. Maximizing the amount of food-related photos and limiting the number of photos of people eating said food will create a more streamlined account, drawing attention to the food, rather than the owner of the account. The quality of the photos also is crucial to the content of the post. My photos should be clear and high quality. Paired with these photos, the captions must also be reflective of the post, but also create a clear and persuasive blurb about the food. Descriptions of the food is necessary, along with location, prices, and my overall rating of the eatery.

All three accounts have created a specific persona dedicated to the account, combining humor, wit, and hunger to create the perfect food blog. I will need to utilize all the features of Instagram to fully master the food side of social media.

Lazz, A. (2016). About. Retrieved from

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