Cosmic Unity and Social Media

@healingcrystals on Instagram (

The author of this account is the company Healing Crystals, which sells various crystals and guides on their use. The audience of this account is mainly people with an interest in crystals and their metaphysical properties/meanings. This account is about holistic healing, and specifically works to educate people about the use of crystals to support healing. Healing Crystals is also a company, and they promote their products on this account as well. Because it is on Instagram, @healingcrystals is able to employ the use of images, videos, text, links, and tags. I think the use of logos and pathos appears throughout the page, as there are multiple posts dedicated to customer reviews/testimonies (logos) and others that outline problems that the audience may identify with in order to provide a (crystal) clear solution (pathos). The Ede piece resonated with me most in terms of thinking about the rhetorical situation of the Healing Crystals account on Instagram. Ede emphasized that, “…you are writing in the context of a specific situation with its own unique demands and opportunities” (Ede 42), and this IG page serves as one big tool to help give people a solution to their problems—whether they be stress, communication, love, introspection, or anything else that is part of the human experience. For my own social media account, I will use Instagram because it is the most multimodal and will therefore allow me to be as creative as I can with my posts; this will make my account more attractive and more likely to gain traction.


@crystalsoils2019 on Instagram (

The author of this account is a crystal and essential oil enthusiast, and their audience is the same. This account, like that of Healing Crystals, is meant to provide information on the meanings of various crystals. Additionally, they promote spirituality and living your best life as the best person you can be. @crystalsoils2019 can also be found on Instagram, and they mostly use text, images, and tags in their posts. The author relies on pathos throughout the page, as they post images with inspirational texts and each post is essentially about different ways you can better yourself. On page 32 of our reading, Carroll referenced how the modern reader/web user appreciates the use of concise paragraphs, links, subheadings, and color and graphics. I can attest to this as an internet user, and thus critique the lack of multimodal exploration from this account. For my own social media account, I will post various forms of media in order to make the page more fun and interesting to be on.


@spiritualmovement on Instagram (

The author of this page is a person who has an Etsy for crystals and enthusiasm for spirituality. The audience consists of people who want to better themselves, protect their energy, and be reminded that everything will work out. The purpose of this page is to promote love and awareness through cute graphics and quotes on Instagram. Again, I find that pathos is the major rhetorical appeal being applied here because each post essentially encourages you to feel your emotions, take care of yourself, and nurture the positive relationships in your life. Sullivan described blogging as providing, “…more freeform, more accident-prone, less formal, more alive.” This is exactly how I view this page because it is almost like having a wise friend motivate you everyday—but this friend is still human, and sometimes you have to take what they say with a grain of salt. I want my own social media account to be a place of solace for people who need to hear that they will be okay, be encouraged that they can take life by the horns and do what they want, and most importantly, be reminded that their relationship with themselves is what is going to matter most in the long run. I also appreciate that this account credits where they get their photos from.

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  1. I love the ideas of your account! I think that you found some interesting pages, but I am honestly more excited to see how your page turns out in terms of using the different modalities. I think using crystals for energy healing is so interesting, so I would love to see content about what crystals you like or if you have any tips to share about crystals. I would also love it if you included some kind of aural/sound aspect to tie it all together so that people with all types of interests can find comfort in your page. Excited to see how this turns out.


  2. I really liked your choice of topic for the social media campaign! I think that you incorporated the readings really well into what you hope to explore with your own Instagram account. It’s nice that you were able to pick accounts so similar to what you want to do with yours. I’m excited to see how you posts elaborate on the accounts that you chose to draw from!


    1. As your friend, I can see this being a great account for you to create. The themes of spirituality and peace of mind are a great ‘vibe’ for your audience to enjoy, and it provides a needed contrast to the drama that resides on social media. This account will definitely reveal your creative, artsy side that can also be seen from the art that you paint!


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