Blog Post 1: Game reviews on social media

For my social media project, I am creating an Instagram account that reviews video games. After searching on Instagram for profiles similar to the one I intent on creating, I realized how little my idea has been put to work. There are several profiles that had nearly the same idea as me, but it seems as though they all posted no more than about three times possibly due to lack of motivation. There are other profiles, however, that loosely resemble what I am aiming for from Instagram and YouTube. They are: IGN, @bocksgames, and @ninja. The profiles listed are very different, but relate to games and reviews in some manner.

First there is IGN, which is a Youtube channel that is run by several people and posts all sorts of video game content. Although they posts tips-and-tricks and general video game news, they are mostly well known for their video game reviews. Running about five to ten minutes long, the videos begin with an overview of what the game is about and where it takes place, moves on to each component of the game (single player, multiplayer, etc.) and ends with a rating of the game. The review goes very in depth on graphics and gameplay, generally keeping a serious tone to inform an audience that genuinely wants to learn about what a game has to offer. To keep content lively, however, humorous comments and gameplay clips are added. At the very end of the video, a list of pros and cons are listed as a summary to what was said throughout the video and a rating out of 10 is given. Although a rating seems unnecessary and biased, it is a fun and interesting element that keeps viewers watching until the end.

This is a profile that I will borrow from the most for my own content, even though it exists on a different social media platform. I enjoy the depth of IGN’s content while also remaining to-the-point and never pounding too hard on one aspect of a game. I hope to emulate this as I write reviews short enough to fit in an Instagram caption. Also, the pros and cons list is a great aspect to use in my concise posts, even though my pros and cons list will be formed in to sentences.


@bocksgames is an Instagram board game reviewer with just over 2000 followers. It is not well known, but it seems that it is intent on consistently providing content for its page. First impressions of games are posted on Mondays and Fridays, and reviews are posted on Wednesdays. It appears that the intent of @bocksgames is to inform viewers of the many board games he comes across in a light-hearted manner. The word choice is very personal and sometimes explicit language is even used; this provides appeal in the sense that the reviewers feel more like a friend than a commonly heard monotone narrator. I would assume that board games are a hobby for whoever runs the page, and it is entertaining for them to write reviews and familiarize an audience with the vast array of games available. The reviews focus mostly on the box containing the game, but then moves in to quickly describing how the game is played and concludes with how much the writer(s) likes the game or not. As far as media goes, there is always a picture showing the game fully set up, which helps the audience get an understanding of what the review is talking about. For those who wants a more in-depth reviews, the Instagram page has a website link in the bio leading to more thoroughly written opinions on the game.

I plan on imitating this profile’s method of posting very closely, since I plan on writing equally long reviews that more or less gives my opinion. However, my text will be much more developed and serious in tone to add an extra sense of credibility to the page.

game reviews

Finally, there is the Instagram page of @ninja, a profile owned by Tyler Blevins who is currently a video game icon due to his performance in the wildly popular game Fortnite. At 12.4 million followers currently, Tyler must provide a healthy amount of content to keep his audience interested. There are mainly three types of posts he creates, which are Fortnite gameplay, updates on his professional gaming career, and personal life. I intend on taking some tips from the Fortnite gameplay. He sometimes will talk about new content that has been added within an Instagram video while showing gameplay; the summary-like method of reviewing game updates is more or less what I aspire to achieve in my posts, even though mine will be written out. These types of posts on the @ninja page are certainly more informative, but most gameplay clips shown are simply his best moments within Fortnite which serve as entertainment to his audience. Tyler’s other two types of posts are pictures of his professional career or personal life. By being such an icon, Tyler must post such things to appeal to his audience’s emotions and make them feel more connected to him while also mixing up the content from just Fortnite gameplay. In the bio of the @ninja page, there are links to a YouTube channel, Twitter, Twitch, and Facebook so his audience can feel even more connected and up to date.



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